Ananlitical equipment for research at the JRC “Material science and characterization in advanced technology” , Ioffe institute

Transmission Electron Microscope JEM-2100F, JEOL

Allows to examine the structural perfection of the layers and interfaces, their thickness, and parameters of nanoscale inclusions and individual nanoparticles.


Scanning Electron Microscope, JSM-7001F, JEOL

Image formation is performed by scanning the surface of the studying object by a sharply focused electron beam and registering the signals occurring as a result the interaction of electrons with matter.

Resolution - 1.2 nm.

EDS, WDS – spectrometers.

EBSD – detector.


Scanning Probe Microscope Dimension 3100; Veeco

Obtaining images of the surface topography with high vertical and lateral resolutions.


X-Ray diffractometer D8 DISCOVER, Bruker

For study of crystalline materials.


X-Ray diffractometer D2 PHASER Bruker

For study of organic and inorganic polycrystalline materials, powders, nanoparticles.